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Selling Tips

How far should home owners go in preparing their home for sale.

If you’re about to put your property on the market read on for some ideas that will help you maximize your investment.

First Impressions

From the moment potential buyers arrive at your house they are making an internal commentary on everything they see. First impressions really count. As the saying goes; “you don’t get a second chance for a first impression!” So keep things in their place. No one is expecting you to have an immaculate palace, you still must live in a working home. So don’t go overboard but do try and present your home in the best light you can; removing rubbish and clutter (both inside and out); and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Keep in mind most buyers are trying to find a reason why they shouldn’t purchase your property for the price you’re asking. The less excuses you give them, the better the price you’ll receive.

Illusion of Space

Remove unnecessary clutter and watch your home expand in size. Neat, well ordered cupboards, robes and pantry show that space is ample. Also look at the amount of furniture in living rooms and bedrooms you have. Make more space. Maybe even put some in storage.

Don’t Spend Big Money

If you spend a lot of money painting, carpeting or say a new kitchen, most people will want to add this cost, plus some, to the price. The problem is the buyers mightn’t share your taste, even if they are getting things almost new. If however, your floor coverings are badly worn, or you have particularly tired décor, you may need to seriously consider replacing/refreshing them. If a quick coat of paint will ‘lift’ a tired wall or patio floor, then it may be worth considering.

Highlight Your Home

Nothing improves the atmosphere of a home more than brightness. Open all the curtains and switch on strategic lights to brighten up the gloomy spots prior to the arrival of any prospective buyers

It’s the Little Things That Count

Make sure all minor repairs are completed; sticking doors and windows, loose doorknobs, faulty plumbing or peeling paint may affect your sale. When you list your property for sale with Us Real Estate we will advise you appropriately on what we think needs attention.

Keep it Cool or Keep it Cosy

A cool, comfortable, welcoming home during summer adds to the feeling of serenity. Make sure your home is well ventilated, with fans and or air conditioning turned on if required. Of course during winter its best if you provide a warm welcome with the heating running subtly and or open fire places lit if at all possible.

The Scent of Success

Nothing makes a buyer want to get out of a home quicker than stale air. Room deodorises, a bowl of potpourri, or incense and open windows will all help. It sounds a bit a cliché but the fact remains any home will be enhanced by the smell of a cake baking, or freshly brewed coffee. Often the effect is subliminal; day’s later buyers don’t always realise exactly why they got such good vibes from your home.

Pets Underfoot

Remember when it comes to inspection times, if you can’t remove your family pets from your property, try and keep them contained to an area outside, out of harm’s way. This will ensure they are kept safe as are the prospective buyers.

Take a Back Seat

If you happen to be around during an inspection by prospective buyers, try to “make yourself scarce” and leave all the essential talking to your agent. Remember their experience and their training enables them to qualify purchasers and negotiate the best price for you. Furthermore, negotiations are more easily kept on a business like level where emotions aren’t involved.

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